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The members of the  Poetry Society of Colorado are talented and accomplished.

Jane Hillson Aiello

Ann Allott

Laurel Becker

Nancy Bierman

Marylin C. Blinn

Ellen Bonnifield

Sky Bryant

Ann Camy

Jenna Cappleman

Jody Caricato

Boris Carrasco

Holly Chichester

Marcel Duclos

Michael Escoubas

Melanie Eulberg

Ida Freilinger

Lisa Grover

Susan Harman

Seth Harris

Ed Johns

Laura Keegan

Ann Klaiman

Marta Lane

Stephen Lefebure

Gerry Leonard

Daniel Martinez

Melanie McPhee

Cheryl Miller

Tracy Mitchell

Joyce Monfort

Marilyn K. Moody

David Morris

Vaughn "Von" Neeld

Nathan Pauls

Maria Pelligrini

David M. (Martin) Perkins

Curtis Pierce

Martin Postma

Sandi Rhynard

Susan Rocco-McKeel

Julie Roghair

Murray Sallenbach

Maura Schroeder

Janet Sheridan

Jean Sidinger

Alana Story

Loretta Sturgeon (Marlman)

Barb Test

John Turek

Mellody Vicars

Gloria Viglione

Cheryl Wilkie

Gay Williford

Pandora Wilson


Jane Hillson Aiello


Jane Hillson Aiello

Jane Hillson Aiello is a  poet, essayist and blogger.  She faithfully listens to NPR and most genres of music.  She likes cooking but not cleaning.

Jane enjoys meditation, yoga, dancing, swimming laps, reading, and of course writing.  Her biggest joys are her two grancdchildren.  Her former biggest joys were her three children, but they have been usurped, two by their own offspring.

Jane has lived in Denver, Evergreen, Lakewood, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and Centennial.  She is originally from the East Coast, but hopes you won’t hold that against her.  She got her as quick as she could.

Ann Allott


Ann Allott

Ann and her husband Gordon live on a ranch in Douglas County with steers, horses, two cats and a dog. Ann rides her horses every chance she gets. Both Gordon and Ann are very proud of and love to see their 3 successful adult children and 3 grandchildren.

Ann is the lead lawyer at Allott Immigration Law Firm, which keeps her busy. Though much of her writing tends to be professional (she authored the Employer Handbook on the Hiring of Authorized Workers, for instance), she loves to write poetry. When asked how long she’s been writing poetry, she responds, “A lot longer than I’ve been letting people read it!”

Ann’s career as an immigration attorney is an accomplished one. In the last decade alone, Ann has been designated as a Colorado Super Lawyer, Best Lawyer, repeatedly received an AV Preeminent® 5.0 out of 5 rating from the Martindale- Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Catholic Lawyer’s Guild. Ann demonstrates a genuine passion for working in this field and a personal commitment to help clients obtain their goals.

Laurel Jean Becker


Laurel Jean Becker

Laurel Jean Becker has won many national and regional awards for her work, including the American Fiction Award, the Cipa/Evvy award and the national Draft to Dream Competition award for Tales from Weaver Pond, the Storyteller People’s Choice Award, Society of Southwestern Authors award in both poetry and short stories, Poetry Society of Colorado 2006 and 2012 Sweepstakes Award and the National Writers Association award for poetry—4th place nationally.  In 2013, CBS News recognized Laurel as one of Denver’s top poets.

Laurel is the author of In the Heart of a Quiet Garden (Finishing Line Press) and contributing author to: Women’s Voices of the 21st Century (Argian Press, New York); and Poetry on Track (Green Fuse Poetic Arts). She has written articles, poetry, essays and short stories for numerous magazines.

Laurel had been President of the Poetry Society of Colorado (2012-2014) and is a member of the Colorado Authors’ League, the National League of American Pen Women in “Letters,” Columbine Poets, Denver Women’s Press Club and Author U.

All of this followed a life path that included raising three children, presenting workshops in local schools and mentoring at-risk school children. Laurel presently lives in Lakewood, Colorado with her husband.

Laurel’s Web Page

Colorado Author’s League

National League of American Pen Women

Denver Women's Press Club

Nancy Cummins Bierman


Nancy Cummins Bierman

Nancy invites you to visit her blog, "Poems and Random Thoughts," where she publishes poetry and other writing:​

Ellen Bonnifield


Ellen Bonnifield

Ellen loves nature and is a keen observer. As part of a job she had, she spent many hours in the forest, observing plant and animal life. In telling what she saw, she was encouraged to write her experiences. Prose didn’t work. In desperation, she wrote poetry. This has proven to be her way to share her love affair with Mother Nature!

Sky Bryant

Sky Bryant

My ambition is to inspire a broader and more humane scope of the American Dream by taking up the arms of love, compassion, and acceptance available to all. This American Dream requires us to truly live in a land of the free and home of the brave. I have been gifted with Life after surviving severe amounts of trauma, including three periods of homelessness. I have expensive lessons that Life is to be respected and I wish to share those lessons.

I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, My family moved to the state of Washington when I was eight years old. I’ve been in Colorado since 1958.

I obtained a B.A. from Metropolitan State College in 1980. I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. My life learning will continue until my death.

I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in the community, two  of which I’ll mention here. One being NAMI, an important advocate for those suffering from mental illness and WaterStone Community Church (Littleton, CO), which reached out to me with such gracious kindness and assisted me financially when I was in dire need when they didn’t necessarily know if I shared their religious beliefs. To me, that’s really what open hearts and social integrity.are about.

I encourage an attitude of gratitude and am learning that,upon reflection,that even traumatic experiences gives us opportunity for growth and can enrich our lives and our relationships. Thank you for reading this.

Jody Caricato


Josephine Caricato

Josephine “Jody” Caricato graduated from University of Southern Colorado In Pueblo, Colorado, with a BS with Special Distinction Degree in English and a minor in speech, and was certified as a secondary teacher.   She received a Master’s Honors Liberal Studies: Language & Communication Degree from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Jody taught 8th grade language arts for 21 years at Fremont Middle School RE-2 School District in Florence, Colorado. During her career she chaired writing curriculums, taught teachers how to assess writings, oversaw district writing assessments, and gave writing presentations.

She also brought language arts into technology by editing and producing Eagle’s Eye in-house news which was aired on Canon City’s public TV, and by editing and producing the eighth grade video yearbook. Retirement came in 2004.

Jody is an active member of Alpha Delta Kappa’s TAU chapter and has held chaplain and secretary positions as a member. She is a passionate lector for Saint Benedict’s Church in Florence, Colorado, and has been a lector for previous churches that she has been a member of as well. Her other avocation is membership in Fremont Civic Choir in Canon City, Colorado.

Jody was published in Pueblo Poets Anthology in 1981. Her article, Visuals for Speaking Presentations: An Analysis of the Presenter’s Perspective of Audience as a Partner in Visual Design was published in the Journal of the Society for Technical Communication, Technical Communication in November 2000.

Jody is the mother of three, who are grown with families of their own, and the proud grandmother of the many grandchildren they have given her.

Boris Ocsarrac


Sirob Ocsarrac

Sirob Ocsarrac was born in Cuenca, Ecuador. He writes poetry because life gives him so many reasons to put words down on paper. He seeks to share his beliefs and universal feelings through his writing. Sirob does not favor any particular poetic style or form. He believes that people naturally choose the best medium to express their feelings at that moment.

Marcel Duclos


Marcel Duclos

Marcel A. Duclos enjoyed an academic career as a professor of psychology and philosophy, and a college administrator for 28 years. He continues to practice psychotherapy nearing a fiftieth decade. Clinical supervision and training at home and abroad complemented his community involvements as a consultant and agency Executive and Clinical Director. He is an AMHCA Diplomate as a specialist in Trauma, Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders. He has set carpentry aside after restoring an 1851 New Hampshire farm house to life with his companion wife. He lived and practiced in New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona, and Oregon. He now lives in the Colorado Springs area on a “hobby farm”. He writes prose and poetry, experiments as an amateur oil painter, and is learning to play the piano. Without any doubt, he is still walking the labyrinth to the still point as an unfinished sapiens.

Michael Escoubas


Michael Escoubas

Michael Escoubas has been described as a late bloomer. Michael began writing poetry for publication at age 66 after retiring in 2013 from a 48-year career in the printing industry. Prior to this he read, studied and educated himself in poetry for approximately 25 years. His interest in poetry was spawned in childhood by his mother who encouraged him by saying, "You have a gift for words, I hope you do something with that gift."

Now 71, Michael serves as editor and staff book reviewer for Quill and Parchment, a 17-year old cultural and literary arts online journal. His poems have been published over 150 times in a variety of venues. He has won honors in poetry competitions at both the national and state levels.

Michael believes that writing poems changes the way we engage the world and agrees with former Poet Laureate of the United States, Juan Phillipe Herrera, that "inherent in poetry is the power to bring people together."

Michael has published one chapbook, Light Comes Softly, and one full-length book entitledMonet in Poetry and Paint, is in the final stages of production. 

Check out Michael's newest book review:

Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg


Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg

Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg is an avid oral storyteller and member of the Littleton chapter of Spellbinders ® (Ask her about that!).  She is also a newly published author of a CIPA award-winning children’s picture book, Sylvana Takes a Spin.  For more information, visit her website here -

A lifelong poet, Melanie credits her mother, a creator of exquisite haiku, and father, an artist and musician, for her love of words, imagery, meter and rhyme. Her middle name, Claire, honors her grandmother, a teacher, journalist, “Renaissance woman,” and beloved pen pal.

A near-native Coloradan, Melanie has lived in the Denver area since age 4. She taught in Greeley, Littleton, and Sheridan schools, for a total of 27 years. In retirement, she appreciates having the time for writing, as well as public school storytelling, piano lessons, and making music with her collection of Native American flutes. She is a daily practitioner of Qigong and an on-again, off-again runner.

Melanie and her husband/soulmate, Doug, reside in Lakewood. They made their home in England for three years, and love to travel when they can.  For Melanie, a jaunt to someplace new may become the creative spark for a poem or the source of some folklore just right for storytelling in the elementary school classrooms she serves.  

A frequent and favorite destination for Melanie and Doug is Asheville, NC, the home of their son, daughter-in-law and couldn’t-be-more-delightful twin granddaughters. Their daughter and son-in-law live in Berthoud, CO, but those two spend a lot of time in Thornton and Lakewood, playing underwater hockey. (Ask Melanie about that, too!)

Discovering the Poetry Society of Colorado has proved a stroke of luck for which this late bloomer is grateful. She loves the opportunity it provides to be inspired by a diverse, talented group of friendly poets who help keep her creative fires glowing. Melanie strongly agrees with Adelaide Anne Procter: “No star is ever lost we once have seen.  We can always be what we might have been.”

Susan Harman


Susan Harman

As a native of Colorado, I grew up in natural surroundings that provided fertile ground for my way of being in the world–both as mystic and lover of the created, natural world.  The intense feelings and insights I have experienced–joy and gratitude as well as suffering and loss–have found voice in poetry. Writing poetry is a spiritual practice for me; reading poetry is essential to touching into my deep inner world, essential to my ‘Being’.

Seth Harris


Seth Harris

Poet, fiction writer and performer SETH openly admits to having a sordid love affair with language. His passion for words, particularly the rhythms and sounds of speech, extends not only to his craft but in the myriad ways he presents his poetry and prose. SETH has made a career of exploring creative ways of performing spoken word.

One of Colorado’s best known performance poets, SETH has and continues to collaborate with musicians, poets, actors, dancers and other performance artists in his never-ending quest to render poetry more entertaining, and thus more accessible, to general audiences. Over the years he has garnered numerous awards for his pioneering efforts to meld spoken word with the other performance art forms.

In 1991 SETH help found Open Rangers, a dynamic network of poets, actors, musicians, dancers and other performance artists. Over a span of 13 years, Open Rangers was responsible for such innovative “Poetry Theatre” productions as JoY is the Name of a Child, Poetic License, Reign of the Scar Clan (“Best Poetry Performance” 1995 Westword) and Random Axe of Rhyme. Open Rangers also produced two audio cassettes Drop the Other Shoe and Eating Light which interwove music, poetry and theater for a uniquely stimulating listening experience.

In 1993 SETH joined Jafrika, a critically-acclaimed trio presenting “original music, provocative dance and poignant poetry.” The Rocky Mountain News listed Jafrika as “among Denver’s finest cultural offerings.”

SETH lives in Denver where he currently spearheads Art Compost & the Word Mechanics, an improvisational poetic-musical ensemble inviting poets and singers from the audience to join them every Sunday night from 7-8pm at the Mercury Café. Their first CD Love, Death & Poetry won Westword’s Best of Denver 2005 for Spoken Word CD.

Also a fiction writer, SETH’s experimental short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Lynx Eye, Happy, the Portland Review and Fugue. He recently finished first novel.

For more information and to hear SETH perform, visit​​

Laura Keegan


Laura Keegan

Laura V. Keegan lives in Edgewater Co. She is the proud mother of three sons. She was elected as President of the Poetry Society of Colorado in May of 2014. Before that, she served as Membership Chairman. She served as President for Foothills Writers group for eight years, and is currently  a member of the Inklings Critique group, who critique and edit poetry, The Critiquers, who edit and critique nonfiction, fiction and poetry, Denver Woman’s’Press Club, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, IPAL  and Author U. Being a member of many other writing organizations keeps her in tune with her writer’s muse. Her debut novel, Haunting at Remington House, was released in 2014 and is available at all online retailers through her website: Laura’s website address is A book of her poetry, Dark Side of My Soul, is scheduled for release soon. She has also written numerous short stories.

Laura has served since February of 2009 as a member of the Edgewater City Council. She was reelected in November of 2013 to serve another four years. She carried the Group Home Ordinance, the Smoking Prohibition Ordinance and the Rental Property Maintenance Code Ordinance. She has been an active attendee of numerous city boards and commissions as well as an active voice for the citizens.

Laura is also a medium. She does readings for the private sector as well as having spent the past three Halloween seasons at the famous Brown Palace Hotel in Denver taking guests on tours and sharing her and others’ experiences as they visit the many haunted rooms.

Laura is one of the three founders of the Edgewater Arts Project, a nonprofit group formed to bring art and culture to the community. The EAP is one of the originators, as well as a sponsor, of the Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater which had its debut in 2010. In 2009, EAP presented a play in the park with a production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream—from fundraising, costuming, props, directing, managing and finding actors and actresses—to the finish!, which culminated in a two night event. This was the highlight of months of their hard work and determined dreams to present a polished and professional production.

The conviction that we all must act to make the world a better place, that we cannot and should not choose to remain silent but should all have a voice to bring about change; a love of words and images; a sense of humor; and a history with the darkness known as depression, color her world.